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Decommissioning Refurbishment

Every year, millions of still-usable surplus personal computers are sent ito landfills or put intong PCs—is an environmentally responsible choice. Furthermore, these refurbished PCs help make

Here are some questions that organizations may want to ask

• What tools will you use to erase the hard drives? • How is the tool certified? • How many wipes do you do?

• Do you own your own refurbishing, or do you contract out the work?• If you contract out, to whom an how can I find out about their refurbishment policies and practices?

• To whom do you supply or sell refurbished PCs? • What warranties do you offer them?• How do you track the refurbished PCs you supply?

• How do you dispose of unusable parts? • Do you offer a recycled audit? • Do you sell or give away your PCs?

• If you sell them, what do you charge? • What indemnity do you offer donors? • Are you a member of Microsoft?

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program

The Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program enables refurbishers to supply PCs preinstalled with genuine Microsoft software to businesses, schools, nonprofit organizations, Refurbishers that are part of this program are required to comply with a set of responsible practices, including erasing data properly.

We have been a member of this scheme for over 10 years.

Today, there are more than 1,500 Microsoft Registered Refurbishers in over 60 countries.