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Everyone can make a difference to the environment  

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More businesses are recognising the importance and benefit of recycling. There are many ways organisations can help make minimal impact on the environment and increase their focus on sustainability.

By encouraging office recycling it can help your business save money, improve your environmental impact and be good for the environment.

We want to help reduce the cost of waste going to landfill every year by offering free and simple solutions for all businesses.

Why not choose to nominate someone in the office to champion recycling and environmental-friendly activities.

Look at what is already in place in terms of recycling and see if you could introduce more ways to improve efforts. Always communicate to colleagues any new schemes being introduced or policies, so that everyone can help and get involved.

Here are a few ways you can help the environment;

  • Water in the office- consider minimalizing how much water gets used every day.
  • Electricity- look for power-saving alternatives like LED lightbulbs
  • Go paperless- request e-invoices etc, simple alternatives to paper
  • Recycle unwanted or redundant office equipment – IT recycling like pc-recycling can help recycle your unwanted IT equipment and by doing so it frees up storage space

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How to store your data before shredding

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It’s important to protect your business from data breeches and information leaks.

Onsite shredding services could be your perfect solution to guarantee the secure destruction of your documents.

However, it’s important to keep these secure and private before they are destroyed.

With more sophisticated technology thieves out there we need to be even more vigilant on how we store and dispose our data.

Here are just a few tips on how your business can help to maintain data security;

  • Enforce a clear desk policy to help ensure customer details have been safely discarded frequently.
  • Implement secure containers in an access-controlled area, a place where it is secure. Especially if your business is producing volumes of documents to shred.
  • Destruction policy to get rid of all confidential data by outsourcing to shredding companies who come onsite and adhere to regulations and have environmental policies.
  • Keep informed about any updated rules and laws concerning waste disposal.
  • Shredding services need to be an easy process for any business with as little work from staff as possible.
  • Shred regularly and avoid any building up of confidential paper
  • Always shred before recycling
  • Use professional outsourcing shredding services

Outsourcing your document destruction helps your business significantly reduce the risk of costly and damaging mishaps or accidents, which can lead to security breaches, data protection issues and identity fraud.

For all your professional shredding needs call PC Recycling today on 01444 222330

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PC Recycling have green fingers

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We offer mobile onsite and offsite data destruction services, all WEEE compliance. Giving you peace of mind that all your equipment is destroyed safely and securely. We ensure that we follow the strictest guidelines.

Our services provide businesses with a totally managed solution, we are a professional and friendly team working to help you and the environment.

We refurbish, and re-market working equipment and never export waste. We send nothing to landfill and all data will be safety and securely disposed of.

We offer FREE services, including, processing, reporting, collection and certification.

For a managed, secure and ethical solution, call our friendly team on 01444 222330 for help and advice or fill in our online request form and we will provide you with a detailed quotation for our services. ensure that we follow the strictest guidelines.