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October is Reuse Month

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October is Reuse Month, a perfect time for recycling.

Computers and equipment can quickly become out of date especially as technology continues to change.

Don’t leave your old laptops and computers hanging about, recycle them.

At PC recycling we collect, recycle and reuse redundant and unwanted equipment.

Trust PC Recycling for ensuring compliant IT disposal and recycling. We guarantee that all your data is

securely erased and adheres to WEEE regulations.

We love destroying your unwanted IT and offer the safe disposal of data, we can refurbish, reuse and recycle electrical equipment.

Here are just some of the services we offer;

IT disposals

Client access

Recycling and reuse

Contact us to recycle your IT today and help show the planet a bit of love.

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PC Recycling have green fingers

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We offer mobile onsite and offsite data destruction services, all WEEE compliance. Giving you peace of mind that all your equipment is destroyed safely and securely. We ensure that we follow the strictest guidelines.

Our services provide businesses with a totally managed solution, we are a professional and friendly team working to help you and the environment.

We refurbish, and re-market working equipment and never export waste. We send nothing to landfill and all data will be safety and securely disposed of.

We offer FREE services, including, processing, reporting, collection and certification.

For a managed, secure and ethical solution, call our friendly team on 01444 222330 for help and advice or fill in our online request form and we will provide you with a detailed quotation for our services. ensure that we follow the strictest guidelines.

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Data security, first and foremost.

It’s safe to assume most businesses will adopt and use Best Practice for the major aspects of their IT. However, what can easily be overlooked is what happens when those IT assets reach end of life or are refreshed. The data erasure process is an essential part of any Quality Assurance system. The responsibility for data erasure will usually pass to the hands of the contractor you engage to take your equipment away.

Due diligence should be carried out on that contractor to record their procedures, methods and disposal paths.Therefore you must consider the journey of your assets through your business, and especially their exit. As a business, you are duty bound to understand this part of the process as much as any other. Even if just a little bit of data is left on a computer drive it is considered a breach.

So what can PC- Recycling offer your business?
We are data specialists and have decades of experience in helping corporates to dispose of their IT assets safely and responsibly.
We employ CESG-approved methodology to ensure all data is fully eradicated.
We offer onsite services to safely wipe your devices and to have the sign-off done on your premises. Job done !
Our audit trail is electronic and enables you, at the press of a button, to know what has been processed, when and how.

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A small WEEE gift for one of our clients

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Here is a sample of WEEE , in a neat presentation cube. We give to clients to show the level of shredding for hard drives.

The PCB and metals are shredded down to component level then recycled.

We then custom made some perspex boxes and sealed them as presentation items.



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Why choosing a bona fide IT disposal company will ensure your sanity.

OK here’s where we believe we shine:
1. Total transparency
Your data is the keys to your kingdom. In our day to day work the utmost focus is on ensuring your data never strays.

2. We deliver integrity and Due Diligence in all our processes.
Our record keeping is secure and maintained in Azure. We have a bespoke IT system maintained by Microsoft certified engineers, all our systems are nailed down.
We perform regular reviews and validations. For our client the collections and processes are online for your reference at any time.
3. Meet with us
We openly want our clients to meet us and see our facilities.

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Why use PC-Recycling for your recycling needs?

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PC-Recycling offer a comprehensive UK service to ensure your end-of-life assets are managed properly.

We collect, process and audit all equipment for your peace of mind.

That information is then available in our secure online portal maintained in the Microsoft Azure platform.

All equipment is catered for including computer hard drives, mobile devices, USB sticks and other media.

Sensitive information is erased from all disk drives using CESG-approved data erasure software.

The service can be provided on-site at your premises or off-site at our secure facility. If required we can collect items and even deliver them back to you – securely wiped and safe for redeployment.

Our engineers can attend your premises and manage the entire process. Your designated security personnel are able to witness the process first hand.

Processing equipment back at our base, we record details of your drives and equipment and these appear live on our database.

Also we offer many Value Added services such as Staff Sell back pages, charity donations and profit returns help position us as your No 1 choice.

Get your peace of mind today with our Asset Management Services. Secure in the knowledge that your data is simply never compromised.

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