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Everyone can make a difference to the environment  

Everyone can make a difference to the environment  

More businesses are recognising the importance and benefit of recycling. There are many ways organisations can help make minimal impact on the environment and increase their focus on sustainability.

By encouraging office recycling it can help your business save money, improve your environmental impact and be good for the environment.

We want to help reduce the cost of waste going to landfill every year by offering free and simple solutions for all businesses.

Why not choose to nominate someone in the office to champion recycling and environmental-friendly activities.

Look at what is already in place in terms of recycling and see if you could introduce more ways to improve efforts. Always communicate to colleagues any new schemes being introduced or policies, so that everyone can help and get involved.

Here are a few ways you can help the environment;

  • Water in the office- consider minimalizing how much water gets used every day.
  • Electricity- look for power-saving alternatives like LED lightbulbs
  • Go paperless- request e-invoices etc, simple alternatives to paper
  • Recycle unwanted or redundant office equipment – IT recycling like pc-recycling can help recycle your unwanted IT equipment and by doing so it frees up storage space