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Why use PC-Recycling for your recycling needs?

Why use PC-Recycling for your recycling needs?

PC-Recycling offer a comprehensive UK service to ensure your end-of-life assets are managed properly.

We collect, process and audit all equipment for your peace of mind.

That information is then available in our secure online portal maintained in the Microsoft Azure platform.

All equipment is catered for including computer hard drives, mobile devices, USB sticks and other media.

Sensitive information is erased from all disk drives using CESG-approved data erasure software.

The service can be provided on-site at your premises or off-site at our secure facility. If required we can collect items and even deliver them back to you – securely wiped and safe for redeployment.

Our engineers can attend your premises and manage the entire process. Your designated security personnel are able to witness the process first hand.

Processing equipment back at our base, we record details of your drives and equipment and these appear live on our database.

Also we offer many Value Added services such as Staff Sell back pages, charity donations and profit returns help position us as your No 1 choice.

Get your peace of mind today with our Asset Management Services. Secure in the knowledge that your data is simply never compromised.

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